About Us

What is Alony Glatt

Alony glatt is an extension of our wholesale meat business. The demand for quality meat and trust worthy Kashrut is our number one priority. we are wholesale direct to consumer, with our price you will Save money ,get your meat fresh few days after processing ,
We deliver to both retail and consumer, We offer a wonderful variety of high quality Beef, Veal and Lamb,
We are USDA approve processing plant

Our company doing our own Bet Yosef processing with Rabbi Yitzchak Mohadeb and in addition we carry meat from:

Rabbi weissmandel

CHK Lubavitch shechita ,

Solomon meat

Satmar shechita



Our location:

8338 W State Rd Davie FL 33324


Our glatt kosher meat is handled and cut to perfection while also packaged with care, which has made us the go-to glatt kosher shop throughout the U.S. Therefore you can be sure that you get the best quality when you order at Alony Glatt.
From cups, utensils, tableware, napkins etc… Alony Glatt offers all your paper goods needs.
From table clothes to sukkot. We also offer various kinds of holiday merchandise at Alony Glatt.
At Alony Glatt we guarantee the freshness of our products.
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Glatt Kosher approved by the most stringent standards in the industry. Rest assured that our meat will be up to your standards.